Rug Resale

Do you need to know the value of an antique oriental rug for resale, estate rug for resale or an inherited rug for resale?

Looking to maximize your Rug Resale in Milwaukee? Do you have an old handmade rug, antique rug or Persian rug, which was purchased or inherited, and have now decided you would like to put it up for sale? Robert Kashou will do an on-site appraisal which includes description, age and value with supporting photo documentation. This will give you a fair price to ask for your rug and not leave you at a disadvantage

If you have an oriental rug that is no longer being used or simply doesn’t fit your current décor, you may choose to sell it. Is my rug worth anything? How much do you ask? That’s where Robert Kashou comes in. Robert will come to your home and appraise your valuable rug and tell you exactly what a fair price would be based on current market conditions. To find out call  today at (414)271-9020 for an estate rug resale value or inherited rug resale value.

Robert Kashou brings over 40 years of experience and intricate knowledge to his Oriental rug Appraisal Services

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