Is my rug worth anything?

Did you buy an area rug and want to know if the rug is worth anything?

Many area rugs that have been purchased online have little resale value. Even if they are handwoven, resale may not bring your original area rug purchase price. There are exceptions, Robert Kashou can tell you exactly what your rug is worth and if you should put the rug online for resale.

"Disposable rugs have become increasingly popular with online retailers. I term the rugs "disposable", as compared to the handmade rug counterpart, woven by hand to withstand generations of family living and wear and tear. The handmade rugs can last for hundreds of years with proper care, but the inexpensive area rugs that have permeated the flooring market carry little resale value if any at all." To find out if your rug is worth anything, call today at (414)271-9020 for an appraisal on your rug’s worth.

Robert Kashou brings over 40 years of experience and intricate knowledge to his Oriental rug Appraisal Services

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